Mermaid Eyes

This eye was stolen from Padmita's Makeup Blog (=^.^=). Very Beautiful & Creative, click Padmita's name to be directed to her blog.


Sultry Eyes

This look is by Padmita, you can view this look and others HERE.

Pink & Gold Look

Makeup By Padmita


Arabic Eyes


Pretty Makeup

CLICK HERE to visit this blog (Makeup by Ren Ren)

Hawaiian Sunset Makeup Video



Make up by Padmita


Makeup by Padmita

Sultry Eyes

Beautiful look created by Padmita

Get Inspired Pink & Purple Makeup

Remember yuo can improvise this look with your own makeup!!
Dramatic Purple Eyes by MissChievous 

A great you tube tutorial.


Love this makeup

Makeup by Padmita
Mermaid Eyes! Check this out on You Tube

Beautiful Eyes

Beautiful look by Padmita.
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Hairy Situation, Part 1

Hairy Situation, Part 1

This is hiliarious....

My Urban Decay Makeup Look

My take on the look:

CLICK HERE for directions on creating this look.

Teal Look

Create this look out of your own makeup collection.


Arabic Makeup by Makeup Geek

CLICK HERE for the video tutorial & list of products used in creating this stunning look!


Smokey Green Eyes

By Jangsara

CLICK HERE for list a of products used to create this look

Get Inspired


Look by Jangsara: Violet/ Lavendar Look

This look was created by.. Jangsara.. of course (and until I find someone as good, I will contniue to post her work). You can view a list of the products she used by going to "Edge" on Makeup Geek.

Get Inspired by Art

Get new makeup ideas from different art. Notice how the colors flow together, and try and reinvent the look on your face. Experiement with new looks at night. You have to wash off that makeup before you get in bed anyway.
Megan Fox Inspired Makeup On You Tube

Win $50 from Makeup Geeks Weekly Challenge

Makeup Geek is a great website to get all the latest trends, and looks from different users from around the globe (where I discovered the amazing Jangsara).

If you haven't been to Makeup Geek then I encourage you to go!

Anyway if you visit & join the forum and post your makeup creation then you can win a $50 online shopping spree at the Makeup Geek store.

For more information go to MakeupGeek.Com

Hurry you only have until January 24!


Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows

If you haven't heard, Urban Decay has come out with a new Book of Shadows in honor of the new Tim Burton take on Lewis Carroll's classic story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

You can get your own pallette with 16 new colors (although a few seem to resemble the shades from the Vol. II), primer, and two new 24/7 pencils for $52 at Sephora, Ulta, or on Urban Decay's website.

Source: Makeup and Beauty Blog

Look by Jangsara: Urban Decay Shattered, Last Call, Jinxed

CLICK HERE for step-by-step instructions on creating this look.

Book of Shadows Vol. II

This is the best investment that I have ever made in make up. This pallette was $48, 16 gorgeous colors, and what I've been using mostly lately (I'll post some new looks soon). You will also notice a lot of the different make up looks from all over that I have posted on here can be re-created with this pallette. Unfortunatley Urban Decay has already stopped promoting this product, however, if you're luckey you can get your hands on one on Ebay. Good luck!

About This Blog

This blog was created to cut the crap and give you the best makeup tips from around the web on one site. Don't worry owners!! I link all pictures and give credit where it is due, if you see your work on this page then you should also see your page is linked as well.

Look by Jangsara: Caribbean Cruise

Another great look by Jangsara. CLICK HERE for step-by-step instructions on how you can get this look!

Look by Jangsara: Urban Decay: Flipside & Twice Baked (Take Two)

Another good look involving Urban Decay's Flipside & Twice Baked. CLICK HERE for the step-by-step tutorial.

Remember ladies you can improvise what you don't have by using what you do.

Makeup by Jangara: Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. II Twice Baked & Flipside

If you love makeup and exprimenting with looks and you don't know who Jangsara is then you're living under a rock. This makeup babe from Finald is a GENIUS when it comes to using colors, check her out her Blog, or see her on MakeupGeek and YouTube.

This is also a Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. II look.. CLICK HERE to get the step-by-step tutorial by Jangsara.

My Look: Urban Decay: Jinx & Homegrown

This is the look that I submitted to Makeup Geek
I used Urban Decay's Book of Shadows Vol. II
Jinx, Homegrown, Persuasion.
Bad Gal Mascara by Benefit.
MAC Black Liquid Eye Liner

CLICK HERE for the step-by-step instructions on creating this look.

Artsy Fartsy

Random pic on Photobucket



Model Make Up

How Long to Burn 1 Pound of Fat

How Long to Burn 1 Pound of Fat

For 1lb of fat how long do I exercise for?
Just how much exercise must you do to lose weight? Brace yourselves, you won’t like what you are about to see:
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That’s six hours of running on a treadmill (600 calories per hour), seven hours riding a bike (500 calories per hour) or eight or nine hours of fast walking (450 calories per hour).

In food terms, it is the equivalent of two large bowls of spaghetti carbonara, five bottles of wine or about 10 chocolate bars. If you had a chocolate bar every day beyond your body’s calorie requirement, you would gain about 33lb of fat within a year.

However, if you walked fast for an hour every day, you could lose 52lb in a year. It’s simple: if you like to eat and you don’t exercise, you’ll get fat.
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If you drastically reduce the amount you eat, you are in danger of slowing down your metabolic rate. But if you increase your activity rate, you will be burning unwanted fat reserves with gusto.

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So, if you want results, you must commit to a regular programme of at least three hours of aerobic work and weights, per week.
There are no short cuts, I’m afraid, particularly if you are partial to the odd bowl of spaghetti carbonara.